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Assisting families dealing with birth injuries

At Gallagher, Langlas & Gallagher, P.C., we understand the fear and anger that come with learning that your baby was injured during birth. Our attorneys have significant experience dealing with birth injuries and medical malpractice, and we provide steadfast legal representation to help you deal with the repercussions. We seek compensation for any immediate and long-term medical care you or your child may need. We also provide quality defense strategies to hospitals or healthcare providers accused unfairly of medical negligence.

What is a brachial plexus injury?

A brachial plexus injury occurs when the network of nerves that sends signals from your spine to your shoulders, arms and hands is damaged. Brachial plexus injuries happen when the nerves are stretched, though in more serious cases, the nerves are actually torn. It occurs due to compression of the shoulder when the head is pushed up and away from it. Newborns sometimes suffer a brachial plexus injury during birth and may experience numbness in their arms. In more serious cases, they may not be able to use all or part of their arms, shoulders, hands or fingers. Serious brachial plexus injuries require surgery to repair the damage. Our personal injury attorneys can help you solve the legal challenges you face in securing your child’s future.

What are some common types of birth injuries?

There are many common types of injuries that can occur during childbirth, both to the baby and to the mother, such as:

  • Erb’s palsy: A paralysis that affects muscle sensation and motor control in a baby’s upper arm
  • Cerebral palsy: A disorder of movement, muscle tone or posture that results from injury or abnormal development in a child’s brain. It typically occurs before birth.
  • Hypoxia: A lack of oxygen to the brain that can potentially be life-threatening
  • Shoulder dystocia: Damaged nerves, compression of the umbilical cord or other injury sustained when the baby’s shoulders become stuck against the bones of the mother’s pelvis during birth
  • Uterine rupture: A tear in the wall of the uterus that often occurs at the site of a previous cesarean section. In a full rupture, all the layers of the uterus are compromised, putting both the mother and the baby at serious risk.

How can birth injuries be caused?

Many pregnancy or birth-related injuries that occur to the mother or child are a consequence of chemical and/or physiological conditions present either before or during childbirth. Some conditions can be discovered ahead of time so complications can be prevented. Doctor error or negligence is the cause of many injuries. Our personal injury lawyers have distinguished reputations and knowledge that benefit you in seeking compensation and peace of mind in the event of a birth-related injury. We also provide top-quality defense against these types of claims when they are unwarranted.

What is the time limit for making a birth injury claim?

In Iowa, there is a statute of limitations that applies to birth injury lawsuits. This means that your right to seek compensation under a birth injury claim expires after a certain amount of time. This is why it is critical to seek the counsel of a competent attorney right away. Our medical malpractice lawyers help you.

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The financial, emotional and physical effects of a birth injury can be devastating. The lawyers at our Firm have served the Waterloo area for more than 60 years, and we can aggressively advocate for you, your child and your family.


Award-Winning Adoption Attorneys in Waverly, IA Guide Families Through the Process

Family law attorneys serving Waterloo & Waverly

Gallagher, Langlas & Gallagher, P.C. is a reputable law firm with experienced attorneys who take the time to fully understand your goals when we take on your family law case. We provide compassionate legal representation at each stage of your adoption proceedings. With offices in Waverly and Waterloo, we provide comprehensive legal services for families in the greater Waterloo community.

Adoptions in Iowa

Adopting a child into your family should be a joyful time. We help ease the process by taking care of the details and guiding your through the legal system. Adoptions must be approved by a court for the child to officially become a legal member of your family. Each state handles adoptions a little differently. The basic rules for adopting a child in Iowa are:

  • An unmarried person may adopt if other requirements are met.
  • The child must have lived with you for at least 180 days.
  • You must have lived in Iowa for at least six months.
  • You must have the physical and mental ability to care for the child.
  • Adoptive parents must be financially stable.
  • Adoptive parents must agree to a background check that includes:
    • marriage and divorce history
    • criminal background check
    • home visits to evaluate members of the household and the home itself

Our adoption and divorce lawyers are intimately familiar with the nuances of Iowa adoption law and can explain the process to you in more detail based on your specific circumstances.

Stepparent adoptions

Stepparent adoptions are the most frequent type of adoption in Iowa. Stepparent roles vary from family to family, but a stepparent who adopts agrees to be completely responsible for the child until the child reaches adulthood.

Like traditional adoption, stepparent adoptions require terminating the parental rights of the uninvolved parent. After the stepparent adoption is complete, the uninvolved parent has no more rights or responsibilities for the child, including child support or visitation.

Our qualified adoption and divorce law firm can provide greater detail about stepparent adoptions when we meet with you.

How long does the adoption process take?

Since every adoption case is unique, there is no set schedule. An experienced adoption attorney can review your individual circumstances and help you understand how long your adoption case may take.

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