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At Gallagher, Langlas & Gallagher, P.C., we handle your trucking accident case with compassion and determination to recover the full and fair compensation you deserve for the injuries sustained. The large size and heavy weight of tractor-trailer trucks are two of the critical factors that make these vehicles extremely dangerous to other drivers on the road. In an accident with a big-rig truck, smaller vehicles are often crushed. The immense weight of a large commercial truck brings a much greater physical force to the accident and makes it much harder for the truck to stop. Additionally, a large truck’s higher bumper puts its force right at the level of the head for most cars’ occupants. Our attorneys are prepared to help you seek full and fair compensation for the injuries you sustained as a result of your accident with a tractor-trailer.

What causes 18-wheeler accidents?

There are a variety of factors that can cause a large truck to crash. As proficient truck accident attorneys in Iowa, we have dealt with most of them, including:

  • Overweight trucks. To make more money, trucking companies commonly disregard weight regulations. The result could be that the driver can’t stop properly or that improperly secured loads shift and cause a fatal accident.
    Fatigued or ill driver. Commercial drivers operate under strict deadlines. Often, the drivers push themselves to keep driving even when they are fatigued or sick. These health issues can cause the driver to be inattentive, and reaction time can be affected and result in a wreck.
  • Poor choices. A truck driver may speed, drive aggressively or even abuse drugs to stay awake to meet a deadline. If the truck driver loses control of the 18-wheeler, the result can be disastrous.
  • Vehicle failure. The wear and tear on large commercial trucks is extensive, and trucking companies do not always properly maintain them. If a truck’s brakes, tires or lights fail, an accident could result.
  • Weather conditions. Truck drivers trying to make a deadline may drive through dangerous weather. The inclement conditions may result in the driver losing control of the truck or not being able to see you in the lane next to him.

If you have been injured in an accident involving a big rig, it is imperative that you contact a knowledgeable personal injury attorney to help you. It is likely that you have the right to sue the trucking company for the costs of your current and future medical expenses, applicable lost wages and other expenses related to your injury. Our personal injury law firm works diligently to obtain the best possible results for you.


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Whether you have had a simple rear-end collision or you were T-boned by another vehicle, the attorneys at Gallagher, Langlas & Gallagher, P.C. are fully equipped to assist you. An experienced personal injury lawyer can help you understand how a lawsuit may provide you or a loved one who has been injured with the resources necessary to move forward after a life-changing injury. We are sensitive to your needs and can travel to meet you in the hospital or at home to discuss your legal options.

Thoroughly investigating the causes of your crash-related injuries

Design errors, construction flaws and improper maintenance of Iowa roadways can contribute to car crashes. Proving allegations that roadway issues caused or contributed to your wreck can be difficult due to the technical issues involved, but experienced personal injury attorneys can make the best case. Examples of flaws in streets and highways include:

  • Curbs can have a defective design or be placed in inappropriate locations.
  • Medians and guardrails can add to the severity of your wreck.
  • Where the roadway winds and curves, the outer edge of the curve is usually elevated to reduce the risk of a vehicle veering off the curve. The banking may be faulty if it is too high or too low.
  • Speed breakers or bumps can be improperly constructed.
  • Improperly functioning traffic lights and signs can contribute to your accident. Signs may not be located in a place that provides adequate warning of road conditions.

Below are other common causes of car crashes involving “human error”:

  • Texting or talking on the telephone
  • Drunk driving
  • Speeding or aggressive driving
  • Driving in inclement weather conditions
  • Driver fatigue
  • Distracted driving, such as rubbernecking

As a seasoned personal injury law firm, we thoroughly investigate all the potential causes of your accident-related injury, including roadway flaws and the negligence of the drivers involved in the wreck.

What are common types of injuries resulting from auto accidents?

No two automobile accidents are the same. There are a variety of injuries that can result from a traffic accident, ranging from minor scrapes and bruises to catastrophic injuries and even death. Below are examples of some of the injuries we have handled:

  • Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs)
  • Quadriplegia, paraplegia and paralysis
  • Burn injuries
  • Lost limbs (amputations)
  • Closed head injuries
  • Whiplash
  • Concussions
  • Spine injuries

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If your injury was the result of another person’s careless, reckless or illegal behavior, the attorneys at Gallagher, Langlas & Gallagher, P.C. want to help you hold the responsible party accountable. An Iowa personal injury lawsuit allows you to seek a monetary award to pay all the medical costs of the injury, wages you lost and compensation for your pain and suffering. We provide numerous resources, including the breadth of knowledge of our 11 lawyers, to ensure that your accident-related case is successful. With us on your side, you can pursue your remedies with confidence.

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Our diverse Waterloo personal injury law practice includes nearly every aspect of accident-related law matters, including:

Automobile accidents. Car, motorcycle, all-terrain vehicle and pedestrian accidents happen every day. We understand how overwhelming an automobile accident can be, so we diligently work to help you get the financial recovery you need to get your life back on track.
Birth injuries. Birthing injuries can result from a cesarean section surgery, improper use of forceps, vacuum extractions and the misuse of labor-inducing drugs. We provide compassionate and competent legal representation when your baby is hurt.

Premises liability. The owner of property in Iowa has a duty to reasonably protect others from danger. Whether you slip and fall in a building, trip down a broken stairway or get hit by merchandise falling from a shelf, we can help you recover damages.

Products liability. A defective product or a failure of the manufacturer to warn consumers of the dangers associated with a product is grounds for a products liability case. We have extensive experience in handling matters of both types.

Truck accidents. When you are in an accident with a tractor-trailer, the consequences can be catastrophic and even fatal. We are adept at helping clients recover for medical expenses, lost wages and all other related damages.

Workplace accidents. Accidents can occur anywhere, whether you work in an office or at a construction site. Sprains and strains are the most common injury in the workplace, but more serious injuries can occur.