Esteemed Waterloo Lawyers Advocate for You in the Iowa Judicial Review of Your Workers’ Comp Claim

Overcoming obstacles for denied claims for more than 60 years

Since 1951, the lawyers at Gallagher, Langlas & Gallaher, P.C. have vigorously advocated for workers who were denied workers’ compensation, unemployment or health insurance benefits. We understand that your physical, occupational and financial stability is at stake, and the foremost goal of our experienced attorneys is to partner with you to resolve your legal challenges so that you and your family can be secure. We are not afraid to fight for your rights.

What is judicial review, and how does the process work?

Under Iowa law, if your workers’ compensation claim has been denied, you have the right to appeal denial decisions through the Iowa Workers’ Compensation Commission. In the event that the commission’s decision isn’t favorable to you, we can help you petition the Iowa District Court for judicial review of the matter. In the case of judicial review, the court reviews the findings of the commission and renders a decision in accordance with Iowa law relevant to workers’ compensation matters. If the district court’s ruling is not in your favor, you have the right to appeal. If the court of appeals doesn’t help you, you can go all the way up to the Iowa Supreme Court if necessary. The knowledgeable and skilled attorneys at our personal injury law firm work with you in navigating the process. We help you understand each step and help you determine your best options.

How long do I have to file a petition for judicial review?

You have 30 days after the denial decision by the Iowa Workers’ Compensation Commission, which is a final agency decision, to file a petition with the Iowa district court for review of the commission’s findings. Our Waterloo attorneys have decades of experience in assisting clients with petitions for judicial review and representing our clients’ interests thoroughly and with personable attention. It is important to act quickly after your claim is denied. We are prepared to review the decision and determine how to effectively and efficiently fight it. With us by your side, you can fight for your rights with confidence.