An Auto Accident Attorney Can Help

Auto Accident Attorney

Injuries happen every day. People get injured due to no fault of their own. A person has a one in an eight chances of being seriously injured in an auto accident. There is one car accident every ten seconds in the United States. Thinking about all the people on the road this statistic can be scary. If a person is injured in a car accident or other type of personal injury suit they should contact an auto accident attorney. Our law firm has years of experience in this field, and will help a person get the compensation they need and accident lawyer
An auto accident attorney will give a person advice on how to go about proceeding with a court case. Every situation is different and the attorney at this firm will speak to the person to make sure they have a chance and review the facts of the accident. They will work with the person to get their compensation for lost wages, medical bills, and emotional distress. The auto accident attorney will also represent family members in wrongful death suits if the person died due to the actions of another. The attorney will prove their injuries were due to the neglect and wrongdoing of another person.

When in need of legal advice due do not hesitate to call an auto accident attorney.

They have over twenty years of representing people that have been hurt in not only auto accidents but motorcycle accidents as well. They also represent pedestrian that have been hit or injured by a car when walking and following all the traffic laws. They will represent those injured due to drunk drivers and uninsured drivers. In addition to bodily harm the lawyers will help a person receive compensation in order to fix their vehicles and other property that was damaged due to the negligent actions of another.accident attorneys
Our attorneys have a proven track record in the courtroom and has gotten her clients the compensation they need. The attorneys at this firm can be contacted by phone or by email. They will review the case and collect the facts to present in the courtroom. They are not afraid to stand up to the insurance companies to get the compensation needed for their clients.

Truck Accident Lawyers – Wrongful Death Claims

truck accident lawyer

As injury lawyers, it is not uncommon for us to review potential wrongful death claims involving truck driver fatigue. We often see this in the context of tractor-trailer accidents where the truck driver has fabricated his driver’s log and/or driven far in excess of his allowable hours. Many times there is demonstrated sleep loss involving the use of amphetamines, methamphetamines or other stimulants used by the driver to overcome the fatigue. Truck Accident Attorneys

According to a newsletter we recently ran across published by a well respected truck safety organization, there is an interesting correlation between sleep loss, fatigue and the serious impairment caused by being legally drunk. Studies have shown that the impairment from sleep loss and long working hours are almost the same caused by alcohol consumption. The longer one is awake, the slower the reaction time. If one gets too little sleep (4 or less hours) this is equivalent to the effects of .05% blood alcohol for the long working hours. In one study, where people were kept awake for 24 straight hours, the slowed perception reaction time had approximately the same effect as .10% blood alcohol level which is above the level (.08%) now nationally recognized as being legally drunk. Thus, it can be clinically demonstrated that if one loses sleep for a long period of time one’s perception and reaction time is dangerously slowed.

In our personal injury practice we often see the evidence of serious impairment caused by fatigue and lack of sleep. The end result of such fatigue we see in our practice is a serious collision. Increasingly, we see this particularly in the context of truck drivers who are trying to increase their wages by driving longer and longer hours and greater and greater distances. Even though large trucks make up just 4% of all registered vehicles, and 7% of all vehicle miles traveled, the same trucks are involved in 11% of all crash fatalities. This year, as in years past, approximately 5,000 people will be killed in truck crashes and collisions throughout the country. We know from our experience that many of these crashes are preventable and would not occur if drivers kept shorter hours and were not seriously impaired by fatigue. While commercial airline pilots typically fly only about 30 hours a month, most truck drivers drive around 300 hours a month. For some reason, this has become acceptable in the workplace even though the number of people killed in truck crashes annually exceed the number of people that are killed in major airline crashes. Query why this is so? Truck accident lawyers

With improvements in technology, before long, employers and trucking companies will be able to monitor precisely the hours being kept by their truck drivers. We can only hope that legislation will follow which mandates that employers not only monitor the number of hours driven but also the number of hours taken by the driver to rest. Too many hours driving means too much fatigue which also means possible impairment of perception and reaction times. Because we see the end result of this, which is serious injury, death and tragedy for our client’s families, and we can only hope that the speed of technology will continue to develop to the point where trucking companies will have no choice but to monitor and address the significance safety issues caused by driver fatigue. For more information about Truck Accident Lawyers click here please

Finding The Right Lawyer

Finding The Right Lawyer

When you’re facing an especially serious and complicated injury claim, you need to find personal injury lawyer. Of course, you can’t get the help you need if you hire just any old lawyer. Try to find one with experience in personal injury claims, one you know you can trust to get an successful outcome.personal injury Law

Find Personal Injury Lawyer
There are different ways of getting referrals for finding your personal injury lawyer. After you have a few referrals, make sure you do some comparison shopping. Get together with several of your leads to discuss you claim and see how you feel about them. Go in prepared to reject and/or be rejected. A lot of lawyers won’t touch a case unless the recovery amount is to their benefit or if the facts of a claim are obscure.

Here are some good referral hunting places:

1) Friend and Acquaintances

Have a talk with your friends or your coworkers. Chances are some of them have had to use lawyers to represent them in their own claims. If they give you a good recommendation, then follow up on that. However, you should not let a good recommendation from a friend or coworker be the sole basis for hiring your attorney. People have different needs and are in different situations, only you can figure out if this attorney is best for you. Reserve judgment until you have discussed your case and feel comfortable working with the attorney you’re discussing it with.

2) Other Attorneys

Another great attorney hunting place is by asking an attorney you already know. Regardless of the kind of law they’re involved in, they know people and hear things that can be of benefit to you. They move in those circles. Again, you don’t want to just take their word for it, but they can give you an excellent lead.
3) Referral Services

Most of the local bar associations offer referral services. They arrange the names of available lawyers according to their specialties. The services of lawyers covers a very broad range of legal areas. There is also a broad range of quality levels in terms of referral services, some are just better than others. Before deciding on what referral service to use, ask about its qualifications and about how carefully they screen their lawyers.accident injury lawyers
One thing that might be missing from a lawyer referral service is the insight into a particular lawyer’s philosophy. Some are willing to become your legal coach and some are reluctant. Some are more aggressive than others. Always screen them yourself in person. Use the leads you can get but do your own screening and make your own decisions. This is how you find a personal injury lawyer.